Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Eyes That Dreamt

In a world enveloped in darkness
Where hopes are hard to find

Where people look inside themselves to see
All the things that pollute their mind
And pray in vain
For forgiveness

For purifying themselves
And their souls
To jusify their acts
Of greed and jealousy

She looked at me with eyes
That still shone with dreams

The dreams in those eyes
Promising hope for the hopeful
And trust for the thieves
The eyes that refuse to see
The world as it is

Believing and making me believe
Nothing is as bad as it seems

The eyes that shone with dreams...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm always there

When nothing seems to be
like you want it to be

When nothing happens
the way you plan

When everyone else is too far away
to make you happy

And all your problems
make you want to lose your mind

the door's always open
I'm there to catch your tears

Sooner or later
Everything's gonna get better
Coz it just can't get worse..

When everything you want
is just a step away

And that's the only step
you can't take

When everything you dreamed of
goes down the drain

And you all you feel like
is just a big mistake

There's someone to whom
you mean more than the world

Sooner or later
He's gonna make everything better
He'll kiss away all your fears......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for Somebody

Waiting for somebody to take my hand
and say to me don't worry I'm there

Waiting for somebody to take me along 
in this life that's so bloody unfair

Somebody like you...

Waiting for somebody to stand next to me
and make me feel like someone cares

Waiting for somebody to make me believe
again that a thing called love's still there

Somebody like you...

Been waiting for years
and nobody's come

Been waiting for years
am still all alone

Been waiting for years
it's like nobody cares

Been waiting for years
I just wish someone was there...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Last Day

Hoped that this day would never end
Would give me more time to make amends
Would give me another chance to defend
All that I did
and am doing
I just wanted some time
to get a shot at explaining
how sorry I am
how regretful I feel
for being the cause of your pain
I just wanted one more hour
to hear your voice
to listen to you talking
To once again challenge whatever you say
I just want to feel the ascend
of my heart beat when I am with you
And then feel it slowly descend
I just wish this day would never end........

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colors of My Life

Walking on the road that day
She looked so good in black

Couldn't help but stare
and she was staring back

Walked up to her, smiled and asked for her name
Next thing I knew, she slapped me and was on her way...

Next girl I saw was wearing brown
She looked so sexy, checked her out from up to down

I'll leave out the names I thought
and'll ask her about what she bought

Went ahead and asked, she seemed easy to impress
Then she showed me she'd bought herself a wedding dress...

This time I saw a girl in red
I swore to myself I'll take this one to bed

Went over, ignored her
Instead started talking to her pet

I said 'Hi' and he let out a friendly bark
Then he bit me and I still have the mark...

It just wasn't my lucky day
I'd probably be better off if I was gay
But I'm not, I just want someone who'd go all the way,
Oh what the heck, maybe tomorrow I'll try the one in grey!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hero Named Larion

Let me tell you a story
of a hero named Larion

The bravest of the three worlds
but his name never carried on

There was no one like he
Nearly no one as high

For he could shake a mountain
with the breath of a sigh

The seven seas bowed to him
The Gods bore him allegiance
The lands split at his will
Even the Devil swore obedience

There was only one who did not kneel in his presence
Only one who defied Larion's divine might
He broke all the laws of the land
Doing only what he thought was right

For he was as strong as our hero
Almost as big as he
But the only difference that was between them
was the evil in his deeds

As every story must have a villain
to justify the hero's good
I now bring you to Dementis
A man whose name even the Gods spoke in fear
Because of the infinite evil that Dementis could

This story is about that day
or rather that legendary night
When Larion chose to overpower
the man who nearly equalled his might

The battle was fought
the land was torn
Every shred of strength that both men possessed
had now been worn

But, listen on my friend,
The end is still far away
For far away, hidden in the valleys
hidden from view await

Followers of Dementis,men ordered to be there
Flanked by the many wicked creatures
that Dementis created when he had time to spare

With the knowledge of having an hidden army,
Dementis smiled in satisfaction
He drew back from the fight
And ran away from the action

Ran away to the place
where his secret army lay
Where he could see his opponent's death
As clear as day

Larion took Dementis's departure
as an insult to his pride
Now he could not rest in peace
unless his foe died

He followed Dementis
followed him to the place where he ran
He crossed the village of Demero
But didn't see a beast nor a man

Thinking of this as strange
Together with the flight of Dementis
He now began to comprehend
What had begun as a brilliant plan
must now come to an end

Looking over his shoulder
He saw Grim standing there
"Worry not, my friend," said the Grim,
"It is not for you that I'm here"

With that the Grim vanished and
Larion continued his chase
The eagerness to kill Dementis
had now become a craze

He took a different path
and could see each soldier
as the moon now shone
he snuck past every one of them
to the point where Dementis stood alone

Blinded in a wave of fury
He swung his blade
The villain's head was on his feet
and the scream that he made

Echoed across the valley
echoed inside every head
echoed across the whole universe
and shook the graves of the dead

Dementes's General rushed inside
saw his master slain
saw the sword in the killer's hand
and knew fighting would be in vain

Still, in a valiant effort
he held his head up high
and told the brave warrior
to surrender or to die

Larion laughed at these words
looked down upon the General in disdain
killed every person and beast in the army
and was never heard of again

Farewell Song

Muskaane kuch hain kam si
AAnkhen bhi kuch hai nam si
Chehro pe udasi hai
Jaise khushiyon ka pal ye akhri hai

Yad hai har wo din
Jo bitaya yaaro ke beech
Yad hai har wo rat
Jab padhai ne sone diya nahi

Aj main jo bhi hu
Tumhari wajah se hu

Kal jake jo bhi banu
I'm never gonna forget you

I'm gonna miss my school
I'm gonna miss my friends
I don't think my life
will ever be the same again

Yad hai pehla pyar
Uske bad ke dus barah bhi
Yad hai sare proposals
Unke bad ke thappad bhi

Ab main jahan bhi jau
Ab main jahan bhi rahu

I'm always gonna come right back to you

I'm gonna miss my school
I'm gonna miss my friends
I don't think my life
will ever be the same again

Ye samay beet jayega
Zindagi kat jayegi
Chahe phir kuch yad aye na
In dino ki bahut yad ayegi

I'm gonna miss my school
I'm gonna miss my friends
I don't think my life
will ever be the same again

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Your Attention Please

Your Attention Please
Attention to the matters at hand

Your Attention Please
Attention to the flowing sands

of time
It flows away
Like water from our hands
Like trust from our lands

With time so less
And tasks numerous
All that was your job to do
Is now up to us

Your Attention Please
to the people dying
to the people crying
to you for help

Your Attention Please
to the people suffering
like bloody canines
with their final yelps

Your Attention
to the chaos spreading around

Your Attention
to the nations going down

Help is all we need
It's our lives versus all your greed
All we want is some lasting peace
Instead you declaring war
Against everything you see

Your Attention Please

Attention to the matters at hand

Your Attention Please
Attention to the time flowing outta your hands

Attention to the tyranny you unleashed
Attention to the trust of millions you just breached
Attention to the fact that unless you start making serious amends
We're gonna take things in our own hands........

The Morning Sun

A new day has begun
I can see the moon
And I can see the sun

The birds are calling
And I am falling
in love with the dawn

I just saw some birds
with blue feathers
they were flying together
Going on and on forever

And it's a new day
New in every which way
The sky's not grey anymore

And I am sure
I'll remain as pure
as this wonderful day

The moon's starting to fade
It's a new day
It's destiny
And I know it's a part of me
I know it's a part of me.......