Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm always there

When nothing seems to be
like you want it to be

When nothing happens
the way you plan

When everyone else is too far away
to make you happy

And all your problems
make you want to lose your mind

the door's always open
I'm there to catch your tears

Sooner or later
Everything's gonna get better
Coz it just can't get worse..

When everything you want
is just a step away

And that's the only step
you can't take

When everything you dreamed of
goes down the drain

And you all you feel like
is just a big mistake

There's someone to whom
you mean more than the world

Sooner or later
He's gonna make everything better
He'll kiss away all your fears......

Friday, February 19, 2010

Waiting for Somebody

Waiting for somebody to take my hand
and say to me don't worry I'm there

Waiting for somebody to take me along 
in this life that's so bloody unfair

Somebody like you...

Waiting for somebody to stand next to me
and make me feel like someone cares

Waiting for somebody to make me believe
again that a thing called love's still there

Somebody like you...

Been waiting for years
and nobody's come

Been waiting for years
am still all alone

Been waiting for years
it's like nobody cares

Been waiting for years
I just wish someone was there...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Last Day

Hoped that this day would never end
Would give me more time to make amends
Would give me another chance to defend
All that I did
and am doing
I just wanted some time
to get a shot at explaining
how sorry I am
how regretful I feel
for being the cause of your pain
I just wanted one more hour
to hear your voice
to listen to you talking
To once again challenge whatever you say
I just want to feel the ascend
of my heart beat when I am with you
And then feel it slowly descend
I just wish this day would never end........