Thursday, December 22, 2011

What if?

What would you do if you could stop time?
What if you could look down on your wristwatch
And just say

The sound of the clock on the wall would stop
The sound of pretty much everything would stop
What if you create for yourself
A very own, personal, limbo?

Would you take to the streets
And do whatever you want?
Would you catch up on your sleep?
Would you read?

What would you do?

Would you drop out of college?
Who needs education?
You could steal all the food and money you want

The world would be your playground,
So would you become a superhero
And save the innocent kids from the bullies
Or would you become a superbully?

You could always be the cool scientist
Stop time and step ahead of light
Or you could become famous for your ability
What would you do?

If everything that was in motion
Would freeze in mid air
If everything that was still
Became stiller
Would you take that time
To appreciate the beauty of the world?

What would you do
If the world stops for you
Would you give in to all of that pressure
And never use that power again?

Or would you finally become free
To be the animal you once were?
Would you let the world remain frozen?
And live the rest of your life in solitude

What if someone else has already made that decision for you?
What if we all are actually frozen?
And everything seems like it’s changing, but nothing is
What if it’s all the same?
It’s all the same…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Desperately need something to do. :/

So there’s this woodpecker
He pecks all day
Peck Peck Peck
Peck Peck Peck
Pecks his life away
Ever seen him stop and wonder?
At the glories of the world and beyond?
Did you ever see?
Him staring at a tree
And thinking about Joyce Kilmer?
Nope, can’t recall
Any such incident

So why should I stop
And smell the flowers I don’t see
Why should I write a poem
As beautiful as a tree
When no one else gives a damn

I should be hanging around friends
Rolling joints with the money for my rent
I should be the eternal narcissist
Like the one who sits above
But we’ll come to him later

Right now what I wanna know
Is what gives me the right to control
Everything I see
And everything I don’t
Coz frankly speaking
There’s a lot I don’t know

What gives me the right
To play with someone’s life
And blame it on ignorance?

I thought someone could tell me
Someone could answer
The stupidest question in the world
But if I ask someone
Why they’re doing something
They all say the same thing
Coz everyone else is.

So now we’ve got that cleared.
I’m doing what I’m doing
Because everyone else is doing what they’re doing
And everyone else is doing what they’re doing
Because I’m doing what I’m doing

To sum it up,
None of us know what any of us is doing
Or why they’re doing it.

Looks like we evolved backwards.
At least the apes knew what they were doing.
Sleep. Eat. Shit. Have Sex. Sleep.
That simple collection of words got what the people
Who call themselves the brainiest guys in the world didn’t:


And I’ll tell you why they didn’t get it
Because they were the birdbrains
Who came up with the idea of a nuclear bomb
Which has really set the bar for human stupidity
No one can surpass that.

Because the ‘logic’ behind the nuclear bomb is
“You give me what I want
Or I’ll blow up your country”

People in the highest position of their respective countries
Spent money exceeding ten times the number of their population
On such nuclear bombs.

Which, in fact, they’ll never use.

True story.
Tell you the truth, I’d rather be a woodpecker.

I dream

I dream
Sometimes of the world
And sometimes of other things
That are close to me
Or I want them to be

I dream
Sometimes of a girl
Who life has given nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Except pain

I dream
Sometimes of an empty canvas
I hold the brush
But the only color I have
Is white

These dreams come to me
I don’t know how
I don’t know why
All I know is,
I dream

Monday, November 21, 2011

No Guitars in Hell

I’ve been sick before
But never quite like this
I came down with a fever some time ago
And now I feel like a fish
Running out of water

I know what’s coming
It’s haunting me like a song
That’s been stuck in my head
And I can’t get rid of it
Coz it’s been there for so damn long
And I want some peace

And I don’t wanna die right now
I’ve much to do
I’ve much to sing
I’ve gotta do so much of everything

And I wanna remain on this earth
Till time ends
Till I’ve made all of my amends
Coz there’re no guitars in hell, my friend

I’ve seen my family
Crowd around me
And talk in hushed voices
I’ve seen them fake smiles
I’ve seen their red eyes
They talk to me like I’ve got other choices
No one should ever go through that

But they’d never give up hope
Even if you’re on your last rope
Never accept you’re truly gone
And that’s when they realize
The true meaning of life
Lies in loss
Rather late for an epiphany

And I don’t wanna give up hope either
Knowing fully well
I just have a few minutes
To sing you one last farewell

So here goes, I hope it fits
I hope it sums up everything
I’ve loved you all
And this is the end
I wish I could have been a better man

I’d sing to you every song I've ever penned
But I won’t,
coz as you know
There’re no guitars in hell, my friends

I'm a Human

I looked at her innocent face 
the unsuspecting smile 
the carelessness of a child 
her eyes reminding me 
of the love we share 
and i sank away 
sank away 
into a place worse than nothingness 
emptier than emptiness 
lonelier than loneliness 
a place where no man came back from 
the infinite abyss of the mind 
sucking on me like a leech 
eating me away 
corroding me 
until i'm just a lump of flesh 
human for all purposes 
except one, humanity. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I see something in your face
That no one else sees
There’s something in your eyes
No one would ever believe

You look up at the world
That looks down upon you
You want to be a part of something
That doesn’t want any part of you

Yet I see
The eternal hate that should have been
Doesn’t exist for
Another feeling that could have been
A beautiful life that would have been

If you hadn’t been burnt

I can see inside of you
What you really need
Isn’t the love or respect of the world
But something less demeaned

It’s acknowledgment that you crave
For all the sacrifices that you made
For all the hurt you had to brave
Just for being alive

It’s a different world that I see
From the one that you perceive
Yours is forever dark
But doesn’t miss the light

Yet I see
The eternal hate that should have been
Doesn’t exist for
Another feeling that could have been
A beautiful life that would have been

If you hadn’t been burnt

Monday, October 10, 2011

Broken Mornings

Broken mornings scar my life
I’ve decided to runaway
I’m riding on a wave in the empty ocean
You will all soon fade away

Horizons bleak, the sun shining down
My neck, it tells me to give up
I still hang on, just for the heck of it
Coz I don’t really wanna go down in flames

Up ahead, I see a ray of hope
Which is ironic, coz it’s day
But something about it looks different
I guess I’ll take my chances, anyway

I don’t wanna be the one who’s left out
I don’t wanna be the one who always says
That, ‘You know I could’ve been a real somebody
Had my fate turned another way’

I guess this is how it feels like
To be devoid, of all senses
To put your faith in something so passionately
That your own true self feels light years away

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Stitch in Time

There sits a midnight pauper with nothing much to eat
Along comes a young man; marching to his own, fine beat

The pauper raises his hand, tries to catch His attention
The young man ignores him, looking ahead (maybe into another dimension)

His eyes dreamy, His eyes glassy
Walks away from the pauper’s misery
Without so much as a thought
Drowned in his own personal reverie

The pauper keeps staring
His mouth open wide
His expression spelt amazement
His eyes terrified

For what he saw in the young man
Wasn’t as disturbing; as what he didn’t see,
Walking into the darkness,
Was just a pair of eyes, and a pair of feet.


Saw a documentary about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster today, and came up with this:

There's a person waiting for you to come back home
and sleep by her side
She waits for a future with you and her
and maybe an innocent child

You could play all day
and put him on your back
You could see the smile on his face
and spend the rest of your life like that

Do you really wanna give that away?
Do you really wanna give them away?

Or are you waiting for the world to say

Please don't kill me for you ego
I don't deserve to die right now

Remember the games you used to play as a kid?
The ones with Superman and the bad guys
You've grown up now and there's no Superman
I'm not so sure about the bad guys

Do you know how many kids are playing
that very game right now?
Do you know how many mothers are praying
for their safety right now?

Do you really wanna take that away?
Do you have any right of playing with their happiness this way?

Or are you waiting for the world to say

Please don't kill me for your ego
I don't deserve to die right now

I'm a man, I'm a common man
A faceless man, an innocent man
I'm walking on the street
Following my daily routine

Can you give me a reason
for killing me slowly?
For killing my parents, my wife, my kids
my friends and my family?

I know you can't
I know you can't
I know you can't
Coz you're the same as me

Please don't kill me for your ego
I don't deserve to die right now

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Find My Paradise

It is a lonely path I tread
With a couple of hopes
And dreams in my head

A lonely road
A lonely way
A lonely wind blowing my life into disarray

Is it unfair then, if I
Ak for some help
Or a piece of advice?
I’m just here to find my paradise

My paradise is a world
Where I’m not alone
With a few people I can call friends
And a place I can call home

‘tis a simple thing
The paradise that I seek
But coming across simple things is hard
Because they mean so much more to me

Along then, I’ll go
It is a long road ahead
And I still have
A couple of hopes and dreams
I won’t complain though
I’ll take life as it comes
With a pinch of salt and loads of spice
Who knows, maybe someday
I’ll find my paradise
I’ll find my paradise....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am terrified of myself

It's getting dark
Night is setting in
The same old house that was
Cheery in the morn
is now getting gloomy and dim

I can hear the soft
whispers of the breeze
I can hear my own breath
Footsteps resounding and echoing
in this house of death

Every soft movement
feels like my last
every shadow; a murderer
every creak; my end
every passing moment, doubling the pace of my heart

Terrified to move
Afraid of staying alone
I look around slowly
This is the place I call home

I close my eyes
and remind myself
that my worst enemy
is my mind

I open them
and look into the mirror
a shadowy and pale reflection
of one that was caring and kind

This is my imagination
I say out loud
in a voice, not quite my own
I say it again, and again
but to no avail, nothing eased my pain

The pain of knowing
that I was being punished
Punished for my sin
A horrible sin, at that,
The sin of murdering my own kin

They are back to reclaim me
To take me to hell

I brought this upon myself

You brought this upon yourself
You brought this upon yourself.....