Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Find My Paradise

It is a lonely path I tread
With a couple of hopes
And dreams in my head

A lonely road
A lonely way
A lonely wind blowing my life into disarray

Is it unfair then, if I
Ak for some help
Or a piece of advice?
I’m just here to find my paradise

My paradise is a world
Where I’m not alone
With a few people I can call friends
And a place I can call home

‘tis a simple thing
The paradise that I seek
But coming across simple things is hard
Because they mean so much more to me

Along then, I’ll go
It is a long road ahead
And I still have
A couple of hopes and dreams
I won’t complain though
I’ll take life as it comes
With a pinch of salt and loads of spice
Who knows, maybe someday
I’ll find my paradise
I’ll find my paradise....

1 comment:

  1. Its strange that life on Earth is a paradise or some AND worse than hell for some!