Thursday, December 22, 2011

What if?

What would you do if you could stop time?
What if you could look down on your wristwatch
And just say

The sound of the clock on the wall would stop
The sound of pretty much everything would stop
What if you create for yourself
A very own, personal, limbo?

Would you take to the streets
And do whatever you want?
Would you catch up on your sleep?
Would you read?

What would you do?

Would you drop out of college?
Who needs education?
You could steal all the food and money you want

The world would be your playground,
So would you become a superhero
And save the innocent kids from the bullies
Or would you become a superbully?

You could always be the cool scientist
Stop time and step ahead of light
Or you could become famous for your ability
What would you do?

If everything that was in motion
Would freeze in mid air
If everything that was still
Became stiller
Would you take that time
To appreciate the beauty of the world?

What would you do
If the world stops for you
Would you give in to all of that pressure
And never use that power again?

Or would you finally become free
To be the animal you once were?
Would you let the world remain frozen?
And live the rest of your life in solitude

What if someone else has already made that decision for you?
What if we all are actually frozen?
And everything seems like it’s changing, but nothing is
What if it’s all the same?
It’s all the same…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Desperately need something to do. :/

So there’s this woodpecker
He pecks all day
Peck Peck Peck
Peck Peck Peck
Pecks his life away
Ever seen him stop and wonder?
At the glories of the world and beyond?
Did you ever see?
Him staring at a tree
And thinking about Joyce Kilmer?
Nope, can’t recall
Any such incident

So why should I stop
And smell the flowers I don’t see
Why should I write a poem
As beautiful as a tree
When no one else gives a damn

I should be hanging around friends
Rolling joints with the money for my rent
I should be the eternal narcissist
Like the one who sits above
But we’ll come to him later

Right now what I wanna know
Is what gives me the right to control
Everything I see
And everything I don’t
Coz frankly speaking
There’s a lot I don’t know

What gives me the right
To play with someone’s life
And blame it on ignorance?

I thought someone could tell me
Someone could answer
The stupidest question in the world
But if I ask someone
Why they’re doing something
They all say the same thing
Coz everyone else is.

So now we’ve got that cleared.
I’m doing what I’m doing
Because everyone else is doing what they’re doing
And everyone else is doing what they’re doing
Because I’m doing what I’m doing

To sum it up,
None of us know what any of us is doing
Or why they’re doing it.

Looks like we evolved backwards.
At least the apes knew what they were doing.
Sleep. Eat. Shit. Have Sex. Sleep.
That simple collection of words got what the people
Who call themselves the brainiest guys in the world didn’t:


And I’ll tell you why they didn’t get it
Because they were the birdbrains
Who came up with the idea of a nuclear bomb
Which has really set the bar for human stupidity
No one can surpass that.

Because the ‘logic’ behind the nuclear bomb is
“You give me what I want
Or I’ll blow up your country”

People in the highest position of their respective countries
Spent money exceeding ten times the number of their population
On such nuclear bombs.

Which, in fact, they’ll never use.

True story.
Tell you the truth, I’d rather be a woodpecker.

I dream

I dream
Sometimes of the world
And sometimes of other things
That are close to me
Or I want them to be

I dream
Sometimes of a girl
Who life has given nothing to lose
And nothing to gain
Except pain

I dream
Sometimes of an empty canvas
I hold the brush
But the only color I have
Is white

These dreams come to me
I don’t know how
I don’t know why
All I know is,
I dream