Monday, November 21, 2011

No Guitars in Hell

I’ve been sick before
But never quite like this
I came down with a fever some time ago
And now I feel like a fish
Running out of water

I know what’s coming
It’s haunting me like a song
That’s been stuck in my head
And I can’t get rid of it
Coz it’s been there for so damn long
And I want some peace

And I don’t wanna die right now
I’ve much to do
I’ve much to sing
I’ve gotta do so much of everything

And I wanna remain on this earth
Till time ends
Till I’ve made all of my amends
Coz there’re no guitars in hell, my friend

I’ve seen my family
Crowd around me
And talk in hushed voices
I’ve seen them fake smiles
I’ve seen their red eyes
They talk to me like I’ve got other choices
No one should ever go through that

But they’d never give up hope
Even if you’re on your last rope
Never accept you’re truly gone
And that’s when they realize
The true meaning of life
Lies in loss
Rather late for an epiphany

And I don’t wanna give up hope either
Knowing fully well
I just have a few minutes
To sing you one last farewell

So here goes, I hope it fits
I hope it sums up everything
I’ve loved you all
And this is the end
I wish I could have been a better man

I’d sing to you every song I've ever penned
But I won’t,
coz as you know
There’re no guitars in hell, my friends

I'm a Human

I looked at her innocent face 
the unsuspecting smile 
the carelessness of a child 
her eyes reminding me 
of the love we share 
and i sank away 
sank away 
into a place worse than nothingness 
emptier than emptiness 
lonelier than loneliness 
a place where no man came back from 
the infinite abyss of the mind 
sucking on me like a leech 
eating me away 
corroding me 
until i'm just a lump of flesh 
human for all purposes 
except one, humanity.