Sunday, January 31, 2010

Colors of My Life

Walking on the road that day
She looked so good in black

Couldn't help but stare
and she was staring back

Walked up to her, smiled and asked for her name
Next thing I knew, she slapped me and was on her way...

Next girl I saw was wearing brown
She looked so sexy, checked her out from up to down

I'll leave out the names I thought
and'll ask her about what she bought

Went ahead and asked, she seemed easy to impress
Then she showed me she'd bought herself a wedding dress...

This time I saw a girl in red
I swore to myself I'll take this one to bed

Went over, ignored her
Instead started talking to her pet

I said 'Hi' and he let out a friendly bark
Then he bit me and I still have the mark...

It just wasn't my lucky day
I'd probably be better off if I was gay
But I'm not, I just want someone who'd go all the way,
Oh what the heck, maybe tomorrow I'll try the one in grey!!!!

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