Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hero Named Larion

Let me tell you a story
of a hero named Larion

The bravest of the three worlds
but his name never carried on

There was no one like he
Nearly no one as high

For he could shake a mountain
with the breath of a sigh

The seven seas bowed to him
The Gods bore him allegiance
The lands split at his will
Even the Devil swore obedience

There was only one who did not kneel in his presence
Only one who defied Larion's divine might
He broke all the laws of the land
Doing only what he thought was right

For he was as strong as our hero
Almost as big as he
But the only difference that was between them
was the evil in his deeds

As every story must have a villain
to justify the hero's good
I now bring you to Dementis
A man whose name even the Gods spoke in fear
Because of the infinite evil that Dementis could

This story is about that day
or rather that legendary night
When Larion chose to overpower
the man who nearly equalled his might

The battle was fought
the land was torn
Every shred of strength that both men possessed
had now been worn

But, listen on my friend,
The end is still far away
For far away, hidden in the valleys
hidden from view await

Followers of Dementis,men ordered to be there
Flanked by the many wicked creatures
that Dementis created when he had time to spare

With the knowledge of having an hidden army,
Dementis smiled in satisfaction
He drew back from the fight
And ran away from the action

Ran away to the place
where his secret army lay
Where he could see his opponent's death
As clear as day

Larion took Dementis's departure
as an insult to his pride
Now he could not rest in peace
unless his foe died

He followed Dementis
followed him to the place where he ran
He crossed the village of Demero
But didn't see a beast nor a man

Thinking of this as strange
Together with the flight of Dementis
He now began to comprehend
What had begun as a brilliant plan
must now come to an end

Looking over his shoulder
He saw Grim standing there
"Worry not, my friend," said the Grim,
"It is not for you that I'm here"

With that the Grim vanished and
Larion continued his chase
The eagerness to kill Dementis
had now become a craze

He took a different path
and could see each soldier
as the moon now shone
he snuck past every one of them
to the point where Dementis stood alone

Blinded in a wave of fury
He swung his blade
The villain's head was on his feet
and the scream that he made

Echoed across the valley
echoed inside every head
echoed across the whole universe
and shook the graves of the dead

Dementes's General rushed inside
saw his master slain
saw the sword in the killer's hand
and knew fighting would be in vain

Still, in a valiant effort
he held his head up high
and told the brave warrior
to surrender or to die

Larion laughed at these words
looked down upon the General in disdain
killed every person and beast in the army
and was never heard of again

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